How to creat a professional blogger site for free

The biggest problem bloggers have is that they don’t know how to create a professional blogger website.

In this article, you will know how to create a professional blogger website. And map it to your own domain name with less or not spending a dime. You don’t have to pay for hosting. All you need is an Internet connection and a domain name. That’s it.

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What is Blogger?

This is a platform owned by Google, used for creating websites or blogs and sharing anything you want to share for free with easy steps. The website may be a personal website or a professional website on a specific niche. Blogger gives you a free domain with “” extension. You can change this domain name into your own preferred domain name (Custom Domain), which will be done in this article.

How to Create a Professional Blogger Website?

Creating a professional blogger website is easy and simple to create. We create the website in 15 minutes. We are going to create a professional blogger website with these steps;

  • Sign Up on the Blogger website
  • Create your Website
  • Customize your website into a professional website
  • Change the logo and favicon on your website

Sign Up on the Blogger Website

Your first step consists of registering with Blogger. It’s free to register, once you have a Gmail account, you’re free to go. You can register here if you don’t have a Gmail account.

Login with your Gmail details, to have access to blogger. The next step is to confirm your profile because that’s the way your audience will see you on your website.

After logging in, you need to make your profile confirmation.

You will make your profile confirmation on this page that is displayed in the picture above. You may remain anonymous or use your Goggle profile if you would like to use it. You are also free to select the blogger’s profile by clicking on the link below which says “Switch to a limited Blogger profile”.

After you click on “Switch to a limited Blogger profile” you will be taken to the image below. You’ll type in your favorite name. This may be your middle name, first name, or nickname. This name will be displayed to your audience.

Upon completion of the confirmation. You will be redirected to the blogger’s dashboard. Click on “New blog” to create your website.

Create your Website

The next step is building and optimizing your website.

You will input the title of the website and it’s also known as the name of your website. This will be displayed on top of your website. Click on “NEXT” after you have written your website title.

Note: The title will be the one that you must not forget

Input your web address here. Your audience will be able to find your website on the internet.

For example; As it is shown in the image above, the web address will be – “”.

Once you are done, click on the “Next” button.

The image shown above is your blog dashboard. This is the place where you will be posting on your blog and controlling all actions going on your website. This page is also known as the backend of your website.

Customize your Website into a professional website

After you have successfully created your blog with the domain “”. The next thing is to install a theme on your website.

You are to use any blogger template. They are 100% free and easy to install. Download your desired theme and upload it to your website. Install the theme into your website with these steps;

  • Download the free blogger themes
  • Go to the “Theme” section
  • Click on the arrow icon beside the “Customize” button
  • Click on “Restore”
  • Finally, click on upload to install your desired theme into your website

Change the Logo and the Favicon on your website

Blogger logo and favicon are the default logo and favicon used on the website. Now you need to change the logo and the favicon into yours to make the website look professional website.

  • Click on “Layout” from the dashboard and click on header logo
  • Upload the logo from your computer
  • And click on “Save” button

The next step is to upload the favicon

  • Go to the “Setting” section of the dashboard
  • Scroll down and click on Favicon
  • Now upload the favicon and click on Save

How can you design your logo and favicon

Without wasting much of our time, Canva is the best answer for you. Canva makes it easy to design any kind of graphics without spending a dime.

  • Go to Canva website from here
  • Click on Create a Design Botton
  • Decide the size of your logo
  • Start designing your logo and favicon for free with the free thousands of templates on Canva

Add a Custom Domain name to your Professional Blogger Website

Like I did on my Blogger website, you may decide not to use the “” extension on your website. This is a good and perfect opinion.

I will tell you how to add a custom domain name to your blogger website. Now, let’s start;

  • Buy a domain name on Namecheap
  • Go to “Settings”
  • Click on “Custom Domain”
  • Add your domain and click on Save
  • Verify your Ownership of the domain
  • And click on “Verify”

Pros and Cons of Blogger

  • Free hosting on Google
  • Coding skill is not required
  • 99.9 uptime
  • Easy AdSense Integration and Approval
  • Can point to custom domain
  • Publishes new content on Google+
  • Immediate indexing in Google Search Engine
  • Custom templates are allowed
  • Free from virus or attack
  • Plugins/Widgets are limited
  • Media files cant be uploaded
  • Lesser control of the URL structure
  • The blog can be deleted by Google without notification


Blogger is a free platform that you can use to post your content. Don’t wait till you have money, blogger is a platform you can use to start your blogging career.

Hope this article helped you to know how to create a professional blogger website without stress.

Feel free to ask any question in the comment section and your suggestion is also welcome.

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