The ways to make SEO increase traffic not everyone knows

This will help promote your website to a wider audience; meet the objective of a passive marketing campaign without depending on paid advertising tools. Here are seven ways not everyone knows how to increase traffic on your site, don't miss it; because these are the ways to make your site attract potential customers!

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What is Traffic and its goals?

Traffic is the term in SEO that describes the number of users visiting and operating on your Website. And higher Traffic or traffic is also a signal to help you get better results in the SEO process. The most important goal in a Digital Marketing campaign is to increase website traffic; increase conversion rate and gain sales.

Like I said, even if you have thousands of website traffic every day; but cannot convert to sales or turn users into leads; then all your efforts are considered futile. Potential website traffic brings high conversion opportunities. The reason is because the majority of customers visit; for the purpose of finding information that your website may provide. As a result, the likelihood of them buying your product or service increases. Even if you don't have a lot of traffic for your website; but most of this website traffic converts into leads or sales; then that will be good website traffic.

Right time to post

You may find that new posts often generate traffic from social media. After a while, new posts can experience a decline in traffic, but you can save it by constantly posting related to that topic. Not every one of your posts will bring a huge amount of traffic from social media, but periodic new posts will take away traffic from old posts.

In addition, choosing the right time to post on social networking sites is also necessary, which can increase the number of shares, likes as well as the click-through rate of the article. For example, with Facebook the golden time to post is on weekends. But with Linked in it will be the beginning of the week and around the middle of the week. You can refer to the article When is the best time to post on social networks?.

Active social media activity

One of the key things to getting traffic from social media is being an active user and understanding how these sites work. You may simply not get the amount of traffic you want if you don't use it; but a way to bring traffic to others. Those who use social media just to showcase their posts have limited success. To avoid this, help others while you post quality posts.

Understanding social networking platforms

Each different social networking site has a different nature. The content of your post cannot be suitable for everyone; but you might know where it's appropriate to post; Get more interaction where. You will be able to post your articles in the best places to get the most benefit.

Improve article quality

Not all of your posts can attract different people from social networks and this is absolutely true. While writing articles, if you think you will not be able to succeed; It just makes you feel uncomfortable and confused. You may get better results if you only publish articles that you review; more likely to succeed than the others. This can reduce your writing productivity; but uploading articles that are completely low quality will hinder articles that can bring great success.

Don't forget old posts

In case you find a new exploitable social network; you can repost old posts to this new social network. In times when traffic is not high, re-posting old posts can bring a small amount of traffic for you.

Keeping up with the trend

Analyzing traffic from social networks will help you see which topics are generating great interest. If you catch an emerging trend, you can learn and create similar content with it. Its existing success can create more success in the future. You can also create a series of posts related to the trending topic; Get your target audience engaged and looking forward to seeing more.

Interactions between relationships

This can be understood simply as doing the same things for others, for example liking a post to help someone else. Similarly, you can create cohesion in this interaction; by treating your customers the way you want them to treat you. You need to interact with them in the comments section and answer their questions.

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