What is a WordPress theme? Instructions on how to install WordPress Theme

WordPress is a free, easy to use and most popular CMS (source) for 41% of websites in the world. Used for most websites from personal websites to large and famous electronic newspapers. Websites that share the same source code can be diverse and rich in interface thanks to the fact that WordPress allows us to install the interface or commonly known as a WordPress theme and can customize and change the interface comfortably.

The most well-known source of WordPress themes is none other than the WordPress.org library that provides us with a repository of free themes to choose from. In addition to WordPress.org, we can also find our favorite WordPress themes from other reputable 3rd party repositories such as themeforest, athemes, mythemeshop, etc., making the WordPress Theme rich and diverse. So what is the Wordperss theme and how to install the wordpress theme for the website? Then let's find out the article below.

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What is a WordPress theme?

The WordPress theme is an interface that helps each website using the WordPress source code become different and diverse and are owned separately, not shared. As mentioned above, WordPress is the commonly used website source code, accounting for 41% of websites worldwide, so there must be a large user community, so to meet that, the WordPress theme is also invested. develop and become rich and diverse in accordance with the needs of use.

WordPress themes come in two types: paid and free, each with different pros and cons. There will be an article explaining and comparing these two types of interfaces.

Advantages of using a WordPress theme

  • Easy, fast, simple installation
  • Easy to edit, change, update.
  • The structure is easy to see, easy to manage.
  • User-friendly UX/UI interface and search engine

Instructions on how to install WordPress Theme

*Note before installation:

You can only install a WordPress theme when you meet the following conditions:

  • Have your own domain and WordPress compatible hosting
  • Domain and hosting are connected to each other.
  • Install and run a WordPress website.
  • Have a fancy interface.

WordPress themes can be installed in the following 3 ways:

Method 1: Install from the WordPress.org theme library:

As mentioned at the beginning, the WordPress.org theme repository is a source of free and quality WordPress themes. If you are a beginner and are learning, Tung Phat recommends you to use and familiarize yourself with the themes in WordPress.org for safety and simple installation.

Step 1: Login to your WordPress website admin page with the form abc.com/wp-admin (abc.com is your website domain).

Step 2: Right in the admin page, select Appearance >> Theme >> Add New

Step 3: Because the library has quite a large number of themes up to 2000. Therefore, using the filter is the best way to find the right theme according to your needs.

Step 4: Once you find a suitable theme, you can directly click on the theme to see more information and preview the interface.


You have only previewed, but have not yet installed, so the display interface will not be as shown in the picture. And there will be some interfaces due to the complicated installation so there will be instructions in the information section.

Step 5: Click the Install button to install the selected interface

Step 6: The theme will be uploaded to the theme management folder. But you need Activate to be able to use the interface.

Method 2: Install the theme by uploading from the computer

Once you have the WordPress theme file in .zip format, you can already install the theme by uploading the theme file following the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the web admin page, select Appearence => Theme in the left menu column

Step 2: Then select Add New

Step 3: Click the Upload Theme button

Step 4: You can click Choose File to select the theme file from your computer. Or you can drag and drop the interface file into the selection box.

Step 5: Then you click Install Now

Step 6: After the theme is installed, click Activate.

Method 3: Download the theme directly to the hosting directory

In case you use a heavy interface file due to a complex structure, it is impossible to install the interface in the two ways above. At this time, installing the interface by directly uploading the interface file to the folder containing the website's theme on the hosting will be appropriate.

Currently, all available hosting support direct file upload or you can use support software (File Zilla). After finishing uploading the theme file to the theme folder (/wp-content/themes), you need to visit the theme settings page (Appearance => Themes) in the website administration. Then you choose the newly uploaded interface and Active to use.

Tổng kết

With 3 ways to install a wordpress theme for your website, you can completely install the interface and activate it yourself without fear of any problems. Tung Phat wishes you to install the theme for your wordpress website successfully.

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